Ultimate Tips For A High Quality Experiential Marketing Event

Conventions and tradeshows are a key factor of a solid marketing strategy that ensures your brand gets the attention of your target customers. Trade shows draw in many people, including your current clients and even potential ones. In these events, it is easier to engage them and show why your product is a must-buy.


Unfortunately, these events are usually held in a huge loud venue where many other vendors are also trying to gain customers of their products and solutions. These events are crowded with vendors and people, which makes it challenging to be noticed and lure people to your booth.

Proper planning

Since you have an opportunity to engage your market and try to make them your patrons, making a good impression is fundamental. Even if your current market is firmly within your grasps, it is vital to learn about prior events and know if you will be up to something good. Some conventions are only hosting a few number of booths and a couple hundreds of participants, while others are bigger than that. This is something you need to consider if you plan on doing things such as promotional giveaways since you don’t want to run out on the first day and miss out on potential contacts.

Dress well

While you usually go to work wearing a suit and tie, these conventions will require you to look good and well-dressed for the crowd. The way you dress in the event can be your advantage to establish a brand association and promote your product. You and your staff may wear a plain polo short with your business logo as uniform. This boosts your professional credibility and visibility in the crowd.

Having the right staff

The great thing about Conventions is that sometimes you don’t even need to be there to make an impression. Case in point is a manufacturer of custom plastic bags who was originally marketing his product to the foodservice industry but changed his strategy when Cannabis became legal in several states. 70% of his general sales come from this market and he really loves going to festivals or conventions.

You can also choose to hire an agency that could function as the representative of your business at the event. While many businesses consider this option peculiar, it’s considered a solution for some because it offsets and cost of lodging and travel for the events, which just means that it can also fund itself.

With these agencies, you won’t have a problem hiring the ideal staff for your brand as well as entertaining your clients and establishing your booth because they can do them all for you. You should also consider if you are the ideal person to communicate with your clients. With the help of these agencies, you will have the right people to interact with your audience.


Aside from letting your customers know the great advantages of your product or service, let them experience those advantages first hand. Sights and sounds in conventions can be very overwhelming to people and they move from one boot to another quickly. However, you can allow them to stay at your booth a little longer by handing them over your product so they can try it themselves. It is also a perfect opportunity to answer any question they have about your product. People expect to find new and fantastic products at conventions, so if you want to get your product bought, don’t just show it and describe it, hand them over to the onlookers so they can try it for themselves.

Consider the Location

If you register to convenient earlier, there’s a higher chance that you get the ideal location on the venue. If this is the case, make the most of it to avoid getting lost in the crowd. So what is the best location at an event like this? There are many answers you can get from many people. Placing your booth near the entrance seems practical because you are the first merchant the people will see in the crowd, but you should also consider the possibility of them ignoring as they see more interesting up ahead. It is best to be located near the stage or bathrooms because this is where people wait in line to hear someone speak in front of the crowd, which means they can have the opportunity to visit your booth.

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Capture their interest with your voice

This doesn’t mean to be obnoxious, it means that you really need to speak louder in order to be heard over the rest of the crowd. If you’re shy around large groups of people this might be a bit difficult for you at first and if so, this is something you need to work on. If you really want you and your product to be heard and noticed at the event, most especially if it’s the best one out there, you need to have confidence in speaking about it properly and clearly.

The selling points are another thing you need to consider. You have about thirty seconds from the time a person walks up to your booth to convince them that they should stay and find out more information about your company and the services and products you provide and why they need it. Your answers to their questions should be informative and straightforward.

Aside from clarity, tone and volume of your voice, there is another important factor that will either capture the attention of other people or not – the way your booth is set up. Paint your booth something bright and eye-catching and don’t forget install readable and interesting banner or sign.

One thing to keep in mind is that a little will often go a long way and that you don’t want to come off at tacky or desperate and if you are in question about this, it’s best to err on the side of caution.

Don’t be a salesman

No one likes the salesman, even other salesman and most people that attend conventions want to have a good time and not be pressured. Your product is great and you have a well-designed booth and all the information that your potential clients may need are found on it. Now it’s time to make sure that you are drawing in people, instead of scaring them. Newcomers usually easily get overexcited about entertaining people at their booth, hence they end up exaggerating their sales pitch. Stop thinking about your sales pitch and start thinking about talking to your potential customers the way you talk to your friends about a product you can’t wait to have.

You can get the idea based on the movie “Tommy Boy” where Chris Farley’s character was able to save the company after he learned from his mistakes on his sales pitch that got him rejected. People can understand whether you are serious or just acting. While you still want to remain professional, when dealing with clients one on one at events such as these, it’s often better to take a softer, more relaxed approach and not have them feel pressured. When you treat the audience like friends instead of potential sales, you will find that you will get a much better response from them.

Contest Hosting

It’s good to make a great first impression from your prospects, but it is better if you have a contest they can participate in. It subtly tells your customer that you are worth visiting again and by requiring them to input their email on the entry form, you can reach out to them anytime and remind them about your company and product through email.

If you will be participating in a convention that will last for three days, it would be great if you will launch three contests and one contest that rewards the grand prize. You may also host interactive games and include your product in them. Some may find these things annoying but these types of activities have contributed a lot to event management companies. These companies specialize in creating one of a kind, brand-specific promotions that are far more engaging than reading a flyer or listening to a sales pitch.

Make Promotional Video Clips

Having a simple video ad that shows what you offer and your company logo can interest people. It is also a great way to promote the benefits of your product. Only certain type of businesses can demonstrate their services live during a convention, which renders making a video important for those who can’t do it. A short video is enough as long as it is informative, straightforward, and entertaining. The video should also have subtitles so people can get the information easily using your eyes instead of struggling to hear the sound coming from the speaker.

Give freebies

People loves to get something for free, especially if it’s useful. If you give something for free, label it with your logo and contact information so you can benefit from it as well. Giving free items benefits a person while letting him or her know that you have a brand or product they might want to check out. For instance, giving free frisbees would make sense for sellers of active wear but not for vendors of Holiday decorations. Nevertheless, a small LED Keychain would be ideal for them.

Good advertising doesn’t actually sound like there is something to sell but still engages the target market to try out what is offered. Giving a simple plastic keychain to each and every individual you interact with throughout the day will remind them afterwards that they should know more about you by visiting your website, and possibly purchase your product at the same time.


Not only do conventions give you the chance to reach your customers directly, it’s also a great opportunity for you to connect with others in the industry. While you might think of the other vendors as your competition, this isn’t always the case. Other individuals have been in the same situation you now have so they can also give you some sensible tips. Building a strong business to business relationships is more important now than ever and conventions are not only a great way for consumers to come together but like-minded businesses as well. You can try visiting other booths and interact with them so you can gain many different insights.

Enjoy the event

By doing this, the time you spend at a convention will contribute to your business success. Look calm and relaxed in the eyes of your customers even though there are troubles and demanding tasks along the way. You and other people are there to enjoy the program. Consider these events as a social gathering where you can consider your customers as your friends and just have a great time with them. This is a good way to make a good impression and make yourself interesting to others that they’ll interact with you. It’s not enough to have a booth with flyers, make it an exciting place for people to visit.